GOLDEN DOOR - Truth & Integrity of the Written Word

"A platform that has the potential to impact millions in the world as writers are rewarded for doing what’s right for the world. It’s an honor to be even a small part of this initiative, and I look forward to seeing the openness this creates for all."


The Golden Door initiative is exceptional and relevant today in a world ridden with fallacy.


The fact that the Founder carried it through its fruition is commendable. It marks the birth of a new world order that builds others with its strength, with opportunities of collaboration and an umbrella of empathy and truth as its foundational value.

Tallulah D'Silva, India

Golden Door Essay / Blog Award (Silver)

In just a couple of years and over one long weekend, the Golden Door has established itself as one such safe-harbour and a base for truth-tellers and warriors of light to congregate, share information and continue our work to change the world into a better place.


All this was made possible because of the fearless and graceful Founder of the Golden Door Awards, Tahira Amir Sultan Khan.

She and her organisation are now a shining crucible which will act as a centre and a beacon for truth, transformation and action for all of us to help build A beautiful New Earth.

Jeremy Monteiro, Singapore

Golden Door Book Award (Bronze)

It has been an eye opening experience in which I have had the opportunity to review and re-enforce my own convictions that my work and life must continue to embody the truth at all times.


From the very inception of my involvement to the culmination of Golden Door, I have worked and lived consciously by making truth a part of everything so that it has become a way of life. Golden Door has only given me further fuel to invite others to truth, not by preaching it, but by setting an example through my work and life.

Nasreen Variyawa, South Africa, Turkey

Top 20, Commendation Recipient

Symbolic as the 'Golden Door of Truth', this Award aims to recognise non-fiction writers as agents of truth and integrity.

Market Insider

20th Feb 2020

Star line-up of Bestselling Authors & Truth Advocates 



Tahira Amir Sultan Khan
Joanne Flinn

The Golden Door is creating a platform for the Truth-Seekers and Truth-Writers to turn into Truth-Creators for profound impact on the world.


New York Chronicle 

2nd Sep 2020

Grab the opportunity! Take the 7 Day "Write, Speak & Create" Challenge.

Join the challenge to kickstart the process of becoming a "Truth Creator".


The "Truth Creator" is an unstoppable super-creative. A lateral thinking New Renaissance Man or Woman. A purpose-driven Leader who speaks, writes and acts upon an important message. 


Such a person leaves behind a legacy that will resonate in eternity for future generations.